Lets explore the best places to visit in Senegal:

Mainland Africa’s westernmost country occupies a colossal cut out of the Sahel. It ranges from the fringes of the Guinean woods to the bottom of the Sahara, and throws up fascinating destinations aplenty.

Take the capital, Dakar: a town of pandemonius markets and endless energy. Or, look to the ports of Saint-Louis, which bustle with ships and Parisian-style arcades. Out in the wildernesses and Senegal has more treats for the traveler, ranging from the winding channels of the Gambia River to the shimmering beaches of the coast. Animals like hippos and hyenas all mingle here, while rustic communities continue to tick over.

And the cherry on the top? Despite a dangerous Ebola outbreak, Senegal has been one of Africa’s most stable places for decades. Fair elections and peaceful power transfers all add up to make this one accessible and fun place for the worldly explorer.

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