Before the corona virus hit Ghana and Nigeria, I foresaw the impending calamities and although I put the article out, too few saw it, even fewer read it and far less thought to act upon it. I honestly believe that if Nigeria and Ghana had closed their boarders long before when they did, their would have not been a need for the quarantine lock down, which I project may take more lives than it will save.


I must commend the president of Ghana, President William Addo Dankwa Nana Akufo-Addo for his great work and show of compassion and fellow feeling for the plebs of Ghana, It is indeed difficult to find a president in this Africa who will do what he has done for his country, so for this I give respect and honor to where it is due. I hope he continues to lead the people of Ghana in this way, with agape love, without nepotism. Ghana may yet be the best country in Africa under such benevolent and empathetic leadership.

Even with how the president of Ghana has handled the situation, it is my fears that the quarantine may yet take more lives than it is made to protect, if it continues for too long. I honestly believe that the presidency and leadership of Ghana and Nigeria are acting in the best interest and safety of their people. But have they taken actions with short sighted planning, which may end up ultimately working towards the detriment of the people that they are doing so much to protect?

The Western countries that have instituted this quarantine lock down policies and are prolonging it, are countries that have a type of social security system where every citizen of the country is paid monthly allowances, or given aid in the event they apply for it. West Africa doesn’t yet have such amenities for her people, yet people in Ghana and Nigeria are being ordered to remain at home under threat of being beaten by soldiers or man handled by Police.


It is a well known fact that 80% of the populace in West Africa live from hand to mouth, this means they must go out to work daily in other to maintain feeding, most people don’t even have enough to buy enough food stuff that will last 5 days, but the same people have been forced into lock down for the second week, how long will the hungry masses endure the hunger without taking to the streets? I maintain that it is only a matter of time before the fear of death by starvation over powers the fear of death by the corona virus.

This lock down has seen the sharp increase in price for almost everything in Ghana and Nigeria, the poor who make up majority of the society are getting frustrated as each day passes, I can see people’s frustration festering to a boiling point.

West Africa in general tend to ignore the socio-psychological state of it’s people, this is why we can implement a lock down, knowing fully well that we do not have the infrastructure in place to provide for the poorer masses. We must understand that as human beings we do not do well in confinement, how much more when majority of those confined start lacking food and water? I truly believe that should this lock down continue we will see a break down in civil law and order as the less privileged of society far outnumber the with more comfortable lives.

I predict that should this lock down continue without proper consideration for how it is affecting and impacting the situation and psychology of the masses:

  1. we will see a sharp increase in prices of every essential commodity, as Ghana especially does not have a price regulatory system that works.
  2. After which there will be scarcity of every goods and services, this will further frustrate the already frustrated masses.
  3. Crime will increase to crisis levels as those who don’t will band together to prey on those who they feel have.
  4. With all that is going on the police and army can never be able to contain the crimes, this is when every citizen will take laws and justice into their own hands leading to a collapse of civil law and order.

Sure the border closure, the lock down and stopping of businesses are meant to help fight covid19, but at what cost are we actually fighting such a weak virus?

How long does the government believe that the people will continue to take being beaten just for looking for what to eat? How long will they endure hunger before the instinct to survive kick in and society is transmogrified into a chaotic mess of murders, thefts and rapes?

I humbly ask that our government and Presidency especially in Ghana where I live, come up with a solution that at least allows trading to continue or our lives, society and economy will be completely destroyed by what is on the horizon should this lock down effort continue without proper forethought.

For a virus that can be killed by hand sanitizes and hot water, such a weak virus is not worth the destruction of our economies and countries. If people are recovering and responding to treatment, why the need for the prolongation of lock down?

There must be another way to control the “spread” while keeping our economies alive and society from descending into chaos. The west has stock piles of oil, money, commodities and other amenities, Ghana and Nigeria can not afford to copy the US verbatim, our country and developments which have come through painful sacrifice is at stake.

Honorable Mr. President, I hope this reaches you well, please this is for your consideration.

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