MR. ROB SHUTER GROUP PRESIDENT AND C.E.O MTN GROUP SOUTH AFRICA TITLE; INTERNET DATA BUNDLE REDUCTION AND CORONA VIRUS We write to your corporate office and appropriate authorities as a matter of urgency to reduce the high cost of internet data bundles charged by MTN Ghana. Due to weak consumer protection, the revised excise by your telecom company following the public outcry by the profiteering machinery of your establishment has no effect on the increase but expensive internet data packages paid by Ghanaians. And compared to what the company earns every second. TVs, Radios, Newspapers etc are all migrating from structures, papers respectively to online, an undoubtedly boom development for the company. Today, the world is quarantined and traumatized by the existential Coronavirus. Institutions and governments are embarking on subsidized humanitarian measures to address the dire need of their citizens.

MTN , don’t need the advice of Africa Eye to urgently but drastically reduce the cost of the internet bundles especially at this challenging times ,so that, the vulnerable segment of the populace ,who constitutes the majority of your market can be attracted to follow the various online sensitizations and precautionary measures against the virus. Notwithstanding, how the virus has affected the purchasing power of all, particularly at this crucial election year. We shall, and continue to pursue this noble campaign to ensure fairness for Africans. The Africa Eye , is a Think Tank and On line news portal to protect and project Africa for the public good.

Thank You. Yours Sincerely ……….Sign Yahaya Alhassan President

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