GES backtracks on its directive for Achimota School to admit students with dreadlocks – Rastafari Council


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Institutions are to inculcate discipline on students and officers. Achimota Senior High School is not different from the Ghana Military Academy. Such institution brings out best in us as future leaders. One cannot pass out from such institution without obeying the rules and regulations of such. Rules are rules, and must be obeyed. After graduation, one can practice his or her rights. Discipline and don’t lower the standard.


So all these are for the retards. At first when you get pregnant in the training colleges and nursing you will be sacked and same argument as every body is making. doing u know the number of lives we destroyed with such devilish policies. In the Military, GP, GNFS and Immigration you cant get pregnant with some certain years but it was quashed by the courts when GNFS tried to dismiss some ladies for these archaic violation. We are even making live simple for these boys to be more motivated and I like the turn of events.

The rules were there before she became pregnant. Aborting the pregnancy and keeping the pregnancy is a matter of choice with its consequences.

Wow. How convenient. Did I just saw DISCIPLINE? I think you deserve a standing ovation. But not so fast; can you please tell me where all the discipline sublimed to when all the best that have been inculcated into this ‘future leaders’ are suddenly replaced with thievery and corruption? Then again, can you please educate me on the similarities between dreadlock and indiscipline? Take out sentiments and widen your reasoning, no offence though. Cheers

Haha, very interesting. You have rules in your house, even in your room. Will you allow the government to enforce you to let your child always place his or her shoes on your bed. Big No. You will not allow that. But when the child becomes adult knowing right and wrong can makes his or her choices in life. My brother, religion is force on us as child, but we makes choices when we grow.

Bro please cite a better example. Shoes and saucepans on bed do not have any space within this discussion. It’s not about my bedroom or house per se. We are talking of a public institutions which is manned by the government. I don’t think my bedroom is a property of Ghana. Sit back, do some reflection and a little bit of thinking and come again after your recess.

Shoes have everything to do with hair

Even there prescribe shoe to be worn, how much more hair and its style.

Let the child apply to the Military Academy, and see whether he will be advice to take off that hair or the Military will take off the hair.

Very soon, they’ll start smoking weed on campus and say it’s part of their religion..

Hahahahahaha. Quite laughable. I wonder which secondary school you attended, if you even attended one. You can equally discard and disregard my reply if you did not attend one. But if you did, I of course do not know which institution. My question is, was there a dreadlock Rastafarian in the school? This I very much doubt. Yet weed and other hard drugs were been administered on a daily basis by clean shaven and well dressed students in your school. ‘Abi’? I attended a mission school with no Rastafarians before me, with me or after me, yet do you have the slightest idea how much weed and other drugs were been consumed by students? Please come again.

All who told you Rastafarians are weed smokers? I can confidently say most of them are decent than your Methodist, Pentecost, Presby pastors. At least they are not hypocrites

Being decent don’t mean u don’t smoke weed. And smoking weed don’t mean u ain’t decent

Even in Jamaica, a nation full of Rastafarians, you need to cut down your dreadlocks if you want to join any of their security services…Religious beliefs or laws does not superimpose existing laws and regulations… Accept or get out simple..

Misinformation my brother. Rastafarians in Jamaica counts for less than 2% of the population. Get your facts right before spewing all these untruths.

Stop the misinforming. Who said Jamaicans cut down their dread before going to school. liar

Totally nonsense to accept mayaafi, wig and leave European students to keep their hair because you can’t ask or force a white person to cut their hair BUT they will force and bully their own black people for cut their hair either male or female but cannot ask a white or Lebanese to do the same. You see how white culture education destroy our country. We are still in slavery and we will forever be. Judge the student on his character and not his appearance. If an India, jew, European, Americans, Lebanese, or chinese come to school here they don’t force or bully them to cut their hair but only Ghanaians both male and female whether you like it or not. Joking country.

And I suppose Christianity is is Ghanaian? Learn African history my brother, Rastafarianism originates from Ethiopia.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

And Hijab originate from where? Common sense….do you see the white children and the Lebanese children been forced or bully to cut thier hair in Ghana schools? we are talking about rights you are talking about history.



It is hightime people who practice certain alien cultures in Ghana recognized that their cultures are abnormal in Ghana. If they get this, they would adhere to the culture of Ghana. This practice is predominantly Caribbean.

Where the culture of Ghana here is Christianity. Ewa eee. Hmmmmmmm


Alien culture in the age of globalisation?

But you accept mayaafi from Muslims, turban from India, and long hair from European and Asia. Is this our culture too. Illiterate

Moslems with mayaafi must be adults to be accepted without any qualms. Minors across the world have no religious rights that have to be enforced.

Also, that is why a minor cannot drive or vote. But that is also why a minor cannot receive certain punishment even if they do commit murder.

All the people u refer to above have to be ADULTS to enjoy those rights. Not minors

Going to secondary school is not adult? John listen to yourself.. Europeans and Labanese come to our country schools with their long hair, Muslims putting hijab in schools yet this useless schools are scared to bully or forced then to cut their hair because they are whites. Yet they will bully and force their own to cut their hair both male and female. Are we still not in slavery?


That’s serious misinformation. Even France is struggling to ban young girls from wearing hijab to school. Stop the lies

I have no reason to lie about anything year. You said France is struggling. Why are they struggling?

But Ronnie, my kid is not allowed to wear long hair but her white classmate is not asked to cut down her hair. They are all kids. In Nigerian schools, they allow kids to wear their mayaafi and their other classmates don’t. For me, the right to quality education is more important than your looks.

King, have u ever seen a Jamaican policeman wearing RASTA??? Even as adults, they don’t have the right to join their own police force as RASTAFARIANS.

I’m not against RASTA. I only support the stance of the school. It makes sense to me

i also ask, have you also seen jamaican student being refused to quality education because of their hair,even as a minor?? we are talking about schools,and not a profession..they are two different things here!

It happened in Jamaica. A school ejected a student for wearing RASTA. The matter ended up in the Supreme Court. The SC of Jamaica ruled that the RASTA student CANNOT attend school with his RASTA if the school does not agree. The ruling came in 2004.

Look it up on GOOGLE… it’s free my brother

King, you have to try to get the broader picture…

RASTA hair is not a naturally occurring hair. You have to process your hair into RASTA.

The European long hair is a naturally occurring hair for Europeans. Big difference.

Again, the European long hair does not represent “Culture” or “Religion”. But RASTAFARIAN hair represents Religion.

Across the world, all countries have ruled that children do not have certain religious rights that are inalienable. But all adults do.

Have u ever heard of a child who has been sentenced to DEATH for whatever crime?

I agree partly about the European hair being natural. Now my worry again is that our kids read in their textbooks about brilliant girls illustrated with permed hair. Some of them are seen sitting in a classroom and the kids are encouraged to emulate these kids they see in their stories. So my point is that, the directive for the haircut doesn’t add or takeaway anything from the kids.

You make very good point, King.

I really don’t think the RASTA boy is going to be a bad influence on any students. I only agree with the school authorities that they must have COMFORMITY rules and must enforce them strictly. This is the only reason I have taken a stance on this thread. If the school authorities decide that they no longer require COMFORMITY rules, I will have zero complaints.

But mind u, In Jamaica, where RASTAFARISM emerged, their Supreme Court ruled in favour of a SCHOOL for ejecting a RASTA student based on COMFORMITY rules


Ronnie, I can now see vivid traits of ignorance in your statements. From whence cometh this statement of dreadlocks not been natural and that it has to be processed before it turns into? Now let me educate you on the dreadlock. It is biblical as ordered by God to Aaron. Refer to the book of Numbers 6. Too much of Western brainwash. Be enlightened bro. Be enlightened. Read black man, read. Unless you seek for knowledge, knowledge will not come to you.


“Too much of Western brainwash”

Emperror, the above is your quote, abi? The education that you seek for the boy, is it RASTA education or western education? WHY is it difficult for RASTAFARIANS to build their own school and give their children RASTA education?

Don’t quote Bible to me again. I have ZERO understanding of religion.

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